May 24, 2024

Tech-Driven Innovation in Housing

Welcome to the Outer Labs blog! We see an opportunity so great that we’re making a leap. 

There is a national housing shortage, and to close this gap, home production needs to increase by over 35% annually for the next decade.

At Outer Labs, we are dedicated to exploring how technology can unlock end-to-end efficiency to help developers deliver more homes. We know this is a complex, multifaceted endeavor and understand that any solution must explore financing and funding solutions, products, design, assembly innovation, and navigating regulations and policy.

For the past six years, we’ve delivered software solutions that enabled top global technology companies to deliver commercial real estate at scale. We’ve navigated complex datasets to build products for data-driven forecasting, portfolio optimization, and generative design. We’ve demonstrated over and over again that companies that figure out how to master data and codify their existing workflows will have deeper insights and more time to operate their buildings efficiently and reduce uncertainty. Now, we’re excited to leverage our expertise to tackle the housing shortage head-on in direct partnership with developers.

Our team is a diverse mix of software engineers, AI and machine learning specialists, strategists, and AEC professionals. With deep real estate, construction, and software expertise, we are uniquely positioned to optimize intelligence and development processes, helping developers deliver homes at scale.

This is a critical time to address the housing shortage, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Our peers have a vibrant, collective spirit and desire to transform housing development. That’s why we are re-launching our blog—to share new insights and foster meaningful conversations.

We look forward to sharing our discoveries and exploring creative ideas together. This is a collaborative effort, and we want to hear from you. Say hello at

Join us as we transform the landscape of housing development.

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