September 18, 2023

Outer Labs CTO, Jen Carlile, To Speak at Strange Loop Conference On Designing Fully Rationalized Buildings with Generative Design Software

We are thrilled to announce our Co-Founder and CTO, Jen Carlile, will be presenting at the cutting-edge Strange Loop Conference on September 21!

Jen will be giving a talk on how at Outer Labs, we’ve collaborated with architects, building engineers, and building owners & operators to build an innovative, generative design software application that expedites the stakeholder decision making process through rapid exploration of design options. This application designs fully rationalized buildings to an impressive schematic level of detail, which includes the building form, site placement, structural system, facade system, HVAC system, and spatial test fits.  

During this talk, Jen will speak to our process of collaborating with subject matter experts in the building design space to define flexible building parts that can grow, shrink, and morph to fit different building sites. Jen will also share our similar processes with structural engineers, facade designers, HVAC engineers, and interior architects to integrate their expertise into this software.

Jen will shine a spotlight on the technical aspects of the system we built, including the building form generator, the building system solver (structural system, HVAC), and the metrics engine (how the app measures the buildings it designs). Moreover, attendees will gain some valuable insight into our critical work in information design and customization within an application, ensuring user-centric display of metrics to build trust in our system.

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