January 1, 2023

Outer Labs Announces Promotions for 2023

We are happy to announce the promotion of four team members at Outer Labs! We are elevated by the passion, commitment, and leadership these Outerlings bring to our team. Please join us in celebrating:

Agnessa Todorova

Promoted to Vice President, Client Services

"As our first appointed VP, we are thrilled to have Agnessa leading Client Services. Agnessa's leadership and focus on execution, with both internal and external stakeholders, has been instrumental in getting Outer Labs to where we are today. With a heavy focus on our People, Process, and Partners, Agnessa is ensuring our team is succesful at scale." - Gulshan Arora, Outer Labs COO

Shawna Jacoby

Promoted to Product Design Manager

"As demand for UX at Outer Labs has grown, Shawna has helped wrangle the processes, tools, and techniques we rely on daily. We're happy to recognize her leadership with a promotion to Product Design Manager, and wish her the very best as she continues to drive our design discipline forward at Outer Labs." - Karl Garske, CEO

Jordan Gowen

Promoted to Product Strategy Manager

"Over the last year, Jordan has created clarity and actionable insight for our product development teams. We're very excited for him to step into a management role where he can continue to influence our approach to user engagement and discovery of new product opportunities." - Karl Garske, CEO

Luke Michalakis

Promoted to Software Engineer

"Since joining Outer Labs, Luke has taken advantage of every opportunity to lean into the work of being a software engineer in a wide variety of ways.  He is a deeply collaborative team member and has shown a strong willingness to learn and then apply new engineering concepts and practices to deliver valuable results." - Joseph Smith, Director of Engineering

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