March 5, 2024

Outer Labs Announces Promotions for 2024

At Outer Labs, we take immense pride in the team we’ve built. Our team’s dedication to delivering exceptional work and their limitless enthusiasm elevate Outer Labs every day. We're thrilled to spotlight some of our exceptional talent through our recent 2024 promotions. We're genuinely excited for these individuals as they continue to thrive in their personal and professional growth and look forward to the promising year ahead.

Read below to discover more about our recently promoted employees! 

Sonal Singh Goldstein

Promoted to Director of Product Management

Sonal thrives on tackling significant, complex problems that lack straightforward solutions, embodying a relentless drive that inspires those around her. She consistently supports our team in developing goals systematically and thoughtfully, always pushing for clarity and precision. Sonal’s strategic approach has made her a critical partner in account management and business development at Outer Labs.

“Sonal is one of the most effective product leaders I have worked with, “ expressed Agnessa Todorova, Vice President of Product at Outer Labs. “She has played an instrumental part in establishing a culture of mentorship that enables teams to achieve stunning results and do their best work. Sonal is an incredible mentor and coach who is a relentless advocate for her teams. I am inspired by Sonal and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside her!” 

While sharing her sentiments about the Outer Labs team, Sonal attests, “Our team is filled with intelligent, thoughtful, and kind individuals. I’m excited to work with them and tackle intricate problems that don't always have obvious solutions!"

Congratulations, Sonal!

Morgan Fabian

Promoted to Group Product Manager

Morgan has evolved into the nexus of her product team, demonstrating unwavering commitment by consistently delivering on responsibilities and providing support across all disciplines. Her unique approach to complex challenges, addressing them holistically, has fostered a collaborative environment. Morgan's efforts go beyond meeting goals; they involve cultivating a clear product vision that remains steadfast across all versions, contributing to the team's success.

Agnessa Todorova, Vice President of Product at Outer Labs, shared, “Under her adept leadership, the product team has thrived, gaining recognition for their exceptional depth of expertise and diverse skill sets from both Outerlings and our clients! Morgan's dedication to fostering collaboration, delivering excellence, and maintaining a clear product vision positions the team for ongoing achievements and innovation. Morgan motivates me to bring my best for our project teams, our clients, and Outer Labs every day.”

Looking to the year ahead, Morgan expressed, “It's been so fun to be a part of the company's spike in growth over the last year. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how much we've learned and accomplished. I can't wait to continue to support the product organization in this new role, and help accelerate our product's vision and enhance its impact on the built environment. There is no shortage of interesting problems to solve here at Outer Labs, and I'm grateful to get to work on them with this all-star team.”

Congratulations, Morgan!

Marco Juliani

Promoted to Senior Software Engineer

Marco has taken ownership of a complex codebase, which has played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality of our product software. His commitment to seamless collaboration across teams has been consistently outstanding. As a testament to his mentorship capabilities, Marco has successfully guided and accelerated the onboarding of four developers within our team over the past six months, ensuring their rapid and impactful contributions.

"Marco has emerged as a strong leader within the engineering team,” shared Paul Schulzetenberg, Senior Engineering Manager at Outer Labs. “His prowess in facilitating launches, crafting code, conducting insightful code reviews, and leveraging his deep architectural understanding has significantly contributed to the successful delivery of our projects." 

In expressing his outlook for the upcoming year, Marco conveyed, "I admire my teammates' curiosity and 'beginner's mind' approach to problem-solving. The emphasis on continuous learning and growth as core values at Outer Labs is something I really appreciate. I’m looking forward to continuing to tackle challenging problems and exploring new technologies crucial to delivering our work. My enthusiasm extends to expanding my influence on team culture and engagement within our engineering team and across the entire company."

Congratulations, Marco!

Sandhya Jethnani

Promoted to Senior Product Designer

Throughout the past year, Sandhya has played a pivotal role in a new and intricately complex product. She has fearlessly tackled product challenges and has been relentlessly dedicated to delivering optimal solutions for our users. Sandhya established design precedents that guide the entire team and has truly become a subject matter expert in her domain through her extensive research and deep collaborations with cross-disciplinary teammates.

Shawna Jacoby, Product Design Manager at Outer Labs, attests, “Sandhya’s proactive efforts to share knowledge have been instrumental in fostering the high-performance culture of our UXD team today. Her contributions have significantly advanced Outer Labs’ ability to deliver complex products.”

“I'm thrilled about the opportunity and am genuinely appreciative of the team's confidence in my abilities,” expressed Sanhya in sharing her sentiments about her promotion. “I am lucky to be working with incredibly talented colleagues and look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Congratulations, Sandhya!

Mandy Wang

Promoted to Software Engineer

Mandy has become an integral part of the Outer Labs engineering team. Her remarkable collaborative efforts with both internal and external stakeholders have earned her well-deserved recognition. Within her own team, Mandy's proactive commitment to embracing best practices has proven to be invaluable.

“Mandy takes the initiative to learn new tools and has been recognized for her independence, confidence, and collaborative nature,” shared Rebecca Krone, Senior Engineering Manager at Outer Labs. “As we look to the future, we are thrilled to witness Mandy's ongoing journey of growth and success as a Software Engineer.”

Reflecting on her recent promotion, Mandy expressed, “It feels great to have my growth, abilities, and efforts acknowledged and affirmed. I look forward to further honing my skills and expanding my capabilities within such a supportive and high-performing team.”

Congratulations, Mandy!

Ashley Kristen

Promoted to Product Manager

Ashley has navigated an astonishingly complex scope over the past year. Her meticulous attention to detail and knack for organizing information has transformed a vast set of nuanced requirements into indispensable product documentation that her entire team relies on. Beyond that, Ashley has collaborated seamlessly with our engineering team to pioneer a new working model, showcasing her ever-expanding ability to influence product development positively. 

“Ashley's leadership approach is marked by thoroughness, calmness, and drive. She ensures things get done, executing effectively in her own right and I look forward to witnessing Ashley’s continued growth in this well-deserved new role!” stated Morgan Fabian, Group Product Manager at Outer Labs. 

Expressing enthusiasm for the year ahead, Ashley conveyed, “I'm incredibly excited about the upcoming opportunities for innovation and collaboration! It is inspiring to work with such a creative team with unique perspectives. I look forward to collaborating as we drive towards delivering valuable and impactful solutions for our clients.”

Congratulations, Ashley!

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